Welcome to Aqualung Therapeutics

Aqualung Therapeutics (ALT) is developing an anti-NAMPT therapeutic antibody to treat ventilator-induced lung injury (VILI). The use of mechanical ventilator is a life-saving breathing device for respiratory failure, but the high-tidal volume ventilation often causes further damage to the already injured lungs and can possibly lead to death.  Currently, there are no FDA-approved drugs for VILI, and our therapeutic antibody will disrupt the untapped market and address the unmet medical need.

Aqualung Therapeutics was founded in November 2010 by Dr. Joe G. N. Garcia, a world-renowned physician-scientist in pulmonary and critical care medicine currently at University of Arizona (http://garcialab.uahs.arizona.edu), to develop novel therapeutic agents discovered by his research laboratory team into clinical therapies for treating acute, subacute, and chronic inflammatory lung injury.