Welcome to Aqualung Therapeutics

Aqualung Therapeutics, LLC (ALT) seeks to introduce new technologies to diagnose, prevent, and treat pulmonary disorders.  The current focus is to develop a therapeutic antibody targeting a stretch-induced cytokine released by ventilator-damaged lung cells.  Twenty million Americans are placed on mechanical ventilation each year and are potentially at risk to develop acute lung injury, which afflicts 200,000 Americans with 40% mortality.  Our therapeutic antibody has been demonstrated in animal models to prevent and treat ventilator-induced lung injury. 

Aqualung Therapeutics was founded in December 2010 by Dr. Joe G. N. Garcia, a world-renowned physician-scientist in pulmonary and critical care medicine currently at University of Arizona (http://garcialab.uahs.arizona.edu), to develop novel therapeutic agents discovered by his research laboratory team into clinical therapies for treating acute, subacute, and chronic inflammatory lung injury.