Our Product

Anti-NAMPT antibodies neutralize a novel stretch-induced cytokine NAMPT, which contributes to ventilator-induced lung injury from mechanical stretch. Humanized monoclonal antibodies (Ventizumab), designed to specically target the inammatory cytokine, may be administered prophylactically to all patients placed on mechanical ventilation to prevent VILI as well as administered as treatment to patients that have already developed lung injury. Compared with non-biological "small molecule" drugs, the inherent specicity and predictability of mAb shorten drug development and increase success rate in pre-clinical and clinical trials.

Human anti-NAMPT monoclonal antibody:
-- Identified by phage display methodologies (joint inventorship- Aqualung Therapeutics and Gennova Biopharmaceuticals)
-- Gennova, an Indian BioPharma Co., produces biosimilars (erythro-poeitin, streptokinase), 600 employees, value of $1B Nampt
-- Human Monoclonal Ab composition provisional patent filing expected Summer 2017

-- Proof of concept using a polyclonal anti-NAMPT antibody was verified in pre-clinical murine models of acute inflammatory lung injury
-- Lead candidate mAb clones and human Fab anti-NAMPT antibodies have been generated with several antibodies efficacious in neutralizing NAMPT
-- Human mAbs currently undergoing testing in pre-clinical mouse VILI models
-- Testing of these NAMPT antibodies in pre-clinical rat and dog models of lung injury will be completed by Winter 2017