Our Approach

Mechanical ventilation (MV) is routinely used in hospitals for both simple and highly complex surgeries and as a life-saving supportive therapy for ICU patients who can no longer maintain adequate breathing on their own. Although MV is a necessary form of life support, its use can cause or worsen lung injury. With no effective therapy to prevent VILI, hospital deaths with MV is at an unacceptably high mortality rate of 34.6%. MV is one of the most common interventions in the ICU, with more than 50% of patients ventilated within the first 24 hours after admission, accounting for a disproportionate amount of resource use ($29.6 billion, 12% of all hospital costs).  Quality improvement and cost-reduction strategies targeting these patients are warranted.

ALT has identified a novel therapeutic target, NAMPT, a cytozyme protein that when secreted into the bloodstream, functions as a potent inducer of lung inflammation. Based on solid preclinical data, our ventilator treatment human monoclonal antibody (Ventixumab, VXB) neutralizes the circulating cytokine, NAMPT, which will reduce the incidence of VILI and improve the treatment outcomes of patients with inflammatory lung diseases. VXB is a prophylactically administered therapy given to patients at the predictable time of intubation and placement on MV. This novel therapy will address this serious unmet medical need and to reduce ICU mortality, and the associated increased healthcare costs.