About Us

Dr. Garcia is a leading authority on the genetic basis of lung disease and the prevention and treatment of inflammatory lung injury.  As a physician-scientist continuously funded by NIH for over 30 years, he is an expert in interrogating the pathobiologic basis for lung disease in pulmonary and critical care medicine.  He has served in major academic leadership positions and is an elected member of National Academy of Medicine.  His management team has a combined experience of over 40 years in the development of the NAMPT project or academic leadership under Dr. Garcia.  They have assembled an extremely experienced Advisory Board.

The Aqualung Therapeutics Management Team includes:

Joe "Skip" G.N. Garcia, MD
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Currently the University of Arizona endowed Merlin K. DuVal MD Professor of Medicine and an elected member of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, Dr. Garcia is a physican-scientist with over 30 yrs of research experience in pulmonary disease.

Mike Jonen, Executive MBA
Chief Finance Officer

Over 20 years of business and high-level academic health sciences administrative experience.

Eddie T. Chiang, MA
Chief Operating Officer

Expertise in vascular biology research and over 15 years in the Garcia research group.

Sara M. Camp, BA
Chief Research Officer


Specializes in the genomic and proteomic studies of lung injury with over 15 years experience with the Garcia research group.

The Aqualung Therapeutics Scientific Advisory Board includes:

Robert Schleimer, PhD

Chief, Allergy & Immunology
Professor of Medicine
Feinberg Northwestern University School of Medicine


Augustine Choi, MD

Dean and Provost for Medical Affairs
Professor of Medicine & Genetic Medicine
Weill Cornell Medical College


Jesse Hall, MD

Former Chief, Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine
Professor of Medicine
University of Chicago School of Medicine